My both legs have numbness and I tried a lot of treatments.At last I consulted Dr . Majitha. With her medicine my complaints Completely cured

Hafsa Sajeer

I’ve struggled with allergies for years, trying various medications. Homeopathy was a blessing for me. After a few months of treatment, my compaints totally gone .

Aswathi Ravi

Doctor is Very friendly in behaviour and she always take time to listen and time to explain. Effective result in very less time of treatment. Completely satisfied.


The treatment is very good.I had a very good relief from Eczema I’ve been having the treatment since child and now I’m feeling better. Thank you Dr Majitha’s Homoeo Medicare

Sandhya Suresh

I have heavy bleeding during my periods and it’s horrible for me.with homeopathy my periods become completely normal.Thanks Doctor

Marwa Mohammad

Excellent service and guidance. Very kind and compassionate.

Anna jose

I tried a lot of medication for my allergy but all went in vain. Upon recommendation by a relative, I decided to try homeo and consulted Dr. Majitha. Found a remarkable difference and it was great relief. Me being away in a foreign country, her support is much appreciated. Highly recommended.


A genuine clinic to go if anyone is looking for a good doctor. Her medication has cured my gastric and and allergic issues…

Lakshmi K

Got cured my arthritis and PCOD.. thank you very much Dr.Majitha .Recommends her clinic .Best clinic at malappuram in all aspect.

Fathima Safna

 I had been struggling with stomach pain and acidity for years. Conventional treatments didn’t seem to work well. After starting classical homeopathy, The pain reduced, and my digestion felt much smoother. Thank you Doctor

Deepak Choudhary

As a parent of a child with ASD, we were looking for holistic ways to support our child’s development. Classical homeopathy became a ray of hope for us. Over time, we noticed positive changes in our child’s behavior and communication. Their interactions started becoming more engaged, and we’re excited to see them thrive

Ancy Thomas

Sleeplessness is really annoying for me.tried lots of medicines including sleeping pills;but it makes me more weak.After taking medicine from Dr.Majitha’s Medicare my sleeping problem cleared.Thank you

Rachel Mary

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